2017 Workshops

Workshop Registration:
A 50% deposit is required for registration. The balance of the tuition is due two months prior to the workshop month.

Cancellation Policy:
If you must drop the workshop and it is with in that two month period prior to the workshop there are no refunds. Refunds are possible only if you drop the workshop prior to the two month deadline. You may apply your registration to another workshop if you find you must alter your plans. There is a $50.00 fee for all cancellations or workshop changes.

The lead time required to produce the workshop involves many hours of office administration At the last minute you may be forgotten or overlooked just due to the time crunch. The good news is workshops are rarely canceled however not I am not saying never cancelled.

Description of the Workshop Day:
All plein air workshops are on location. Plan for an eight hour workday. Every morning there is a lecture/demonstration. The demonstration painting is completed on location each day. Everyone breaks for lunch. Artists select their location for their 3 to four hours of painting. Group critique is generally on location.

General Workshop Information:
The tuition includes the workshop only. Each artist must bring their own equipment and art supplies. A supply list is on the website. The studio will gladly email a copy of the art supply list to you. Morgan’s contact information is listed below.

All Morgan Samuel Price Workshops are limited to 12 artists only. Call: 407-252-2102 to register or email: morgan@morgansamuelprice.com

All workshops are on location. Plan for 8 hours each day. There is a lecture & painting demonstration each day. You will see an entire painting each day. Three hours for the attending artists to paint. Morgan is on location with you all day for individual questions and suggestions. A group critique each day following the painting session. *Artists’ testimonials are located at the end of the list of workshops.

Any workshop without people enrolled will be cancelled 8 weeks prior to the workshop date. This lead time is required to get workshop materials ready and distributed in advance to all participants. If you are wanting to enroll in a workshop please do so 8 weeks prior to the start date or risk the workshop being cancelled. All workshops with participants will be held regardless of number of participants.

January 30 to February 3, 2017
Boat Builders Shed
Sarasota, Fl
5 Day Workshop

All major cards accepted  •  No PayPal account required

February 9 - 11, 2017
Linger Longer
Sarasota, Fl
3 Day Workshop

All major cards accepted  •  No PayPal account required

February 27 - March 3, 2017
Naples, Fl
5 Day Workshop

All major cards accepted  •  No PayPal account required

March 25 - April 1, 2017
Strolling for Treasures
Casa de Los Artistas, Mexico
8 Day Workshop

  • Tuition: $1995.00
  • For Questions contact: Morgan Samuel Price at 407-252-2101
  • For workshop information and registration: Art Workshop Vacations

All major cards accepted  •  No PayPal account required

April 10 - 14, 2017
Linger Longer
Apalachicola, Fl
5 Day Workshop

All major cards accepted  •  No PayPal account required

May 23 - 25, 2017
Jacksonville Workshop
Jacksonville, Fl
3 Day Workshop

Club Continental a B&B formerly a private Estate the grounds are filled with romantic Live Oak Trees draped in Spanish Moss. inspiration at your finger tips. Located in Orange Park, FL a suburb of Jacksonville, FL

All major cards accepted  •  No PayPal account required

August 22 - 25, 2017
Estes Park Workshop
Estes Park, Colorado
5 Day Workshop

Imagine yourself surround by the Rocky Mountains each and everyday you will enjoy Aspen forests, cool & rocky mountain streams and incredible vistas of the Rocky Mountains

All major cards accepted  •  No PayPal account required

September 11 - 15, 2017
Taos Workshop
Taos, New Mexico
5 Day Workshop

This romantic village of the old West is in the High Desert with warm days and cool nights. Adobe architecture, mountains, the Gorge are your subject matter for this location.

All major cards accepted  •  No PayPal account required

October 5 - 7, 2017
Dahlonega Workshop
Dahlonega, Georgia
3 Day Workshop

Located near the romantic City of Dahlonega the home of the first Gold Rush set in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visit farms on the river, waterfalls, a quaint village and stay in a forested home right in the mountains. Great studio. Great locations.

November 9 - 11, 2017
Mt Dora Workshop
Mount Dora, Florida
3 Day Workshop

All major cards accepted  •  No PayPal account required


The 5 day workshop with Morgan Samuel Price was the single best experience in helping me to take a “leap” in my painting skills. Morgan shares more information than I have encountered with any other instructor. She covered everything from design to the pressure used when holding your brush. Each critique was very specific to each artist. Morgan pointed out the good points of each painting and gave direct advice to improve the artists skills. She was enthusiastic, energetic and always available. I would whole heatedly recommend studying with Morgan Samuel Price.
Laura Buxo

I just had the pleasure of listening to your podcast with Eric Rhoads - it was superb! Everything that you said, I've heard you say before, which I know comes straight from your heart. You should be so proud of the legacy that you so generously leave to future talent.

When I first found your book in the library nearly 10 years ago, I was so dazzled! And your workshops proved the depth of your knowledge and talent. Thank you for giving so much of yourself. I am delighted to tell others that I know you and highly recommend you as a teacher and an artist to collect.

Best to you always,
Deb Wicks

When booking a workshop with Morgan Samuel Price, you probably thought to yourself: I want to paint like her, period. Then in the presence of the artist, you realize that that she is totally open and fresh and not overbearingly didactic. Morgan emphasizes time and time again that only two things matter: design and values. Manipulate paint to the best of your abilities to translate the color relationships, editing things out, forget about matching tone for tone of what is in front of you. That’s how you will capture the idea of the subject, that is the design; idea and design are interchangeable. Serve the design with values and your painting will be successful. That is what I retain from Morgan’s workshops. Not to mention her most engaging personality.”

Getting out my comfort zone, I just delved into flower painting. In the back of my mind, I miss painting palm trees under your guidance! Best regards,

Jean-Pierre Jacquet

Morgan Samuel Price is the most giving and generous teacher that I've had the pleasure studying with! Morgan is not only an accomplished masterful artist, an esteemed judge, she is a highly respected teacher!! Morgan has a passion not only to educate and mold your artistic abilities, She is thrilled to help you learn and retain skills that will propel YOU to a higher level of personal success!! My life changed after my first 5 day workshop, I had to go back for more!!!

Creatively Yours,
Michelle Held

Dear Morgan, I'm taking this opportunity to thank you for a most amazing workshop here in Naples, Florida. I don't know where to begin. From the moment we met at the meet and greet, your warm welcoming smile and your genuine interest in getting to know each and every student, even prior to the workshop, set the stage for the individualized teaching that would take place over the next few days.

It felt as though you truly understood each of our strengths and weaknesses, and did the best you could to help us work within those parameters. You are not only a wonderful artist, but wonderful woman as well. I feel so fortunate to have studied with you, and look forward to doing it again.

All the best,

Along with being a great painter, Morgan is very articulate and thoughtful in all her painting. There are many great painters, few of whom can also teach--Morgan is one of them. She sticks to basics--values, values, values. and design. Without a genuine understanding of these two concepts, painting a successful picture is impossible. She practices what she preaches--from her initial drawing she is constantly evaluating the design and correcting the values of a painting. She is attentive to each individual student, always patient and generous in her advice. She helps you from start to finish--whether it's battling the challenges of plein air painting or struggling with a design, she has the answer. Morgan's teaching method is straightforward and will give you a map to follow. She's one of the best plein air teachers I've ever had--a true professional teacher and painter.


Just a note to thank you for a great workshop experience in Tequesta, Florida recently. It was a wonderful weekend of observing and learning first hand from a very gifted artist. Your ability to look at what most of us would consider to be a mundane view and transform it into a beautiful painting is amazing – your comments about “it’s all about how you view it” made total sense when we were all able to watch your step by step demos! Your knowledge in all areas of landscape were so well translated verbally, and you were able to meet all of your students at their own particular level of experience. A totally worthwhile and very enjoyable experience that I would highly recommend for anyone interested in advancing to the “next” level of landscape!

Mary D. Buenting

One of the things I learned from watching Morgan’s demos was her attention to brushwork. Every single stroke was different and deliberate. When I asked Morgan about her brushwork she said that there were 22 decisions made with each brushstroke. That was amazing itself, but even more so when she could actually NAME them. I went home and practiced my brush strokes. I used her DVD’s to learn more. I read her book more than once. And my painting has changed more in one year than it had in the previous several years. I found Morgan to be an incredibly generous teacher. She tells you exactly what you need to know for you, and what you want to know to improve your painting skills. Each time I study with Morgan I build on what I know. Every time is different and that is why she has so many repeat students year after year after year.

Terry Mason
Sarasota, FL

To describe those two days at Mt. Dora as “intense” is an understatement. I’m still not an oil painter but I know I can be, because of you. I arrived with a major goal: To paint a selection of greens without a pure green paint on my palette. You helped me accomplish that from the first hours. Every bit of advice you gave seemed to be directed straight at me. I’ve never had an instructor talk right to me, as you did. Where have you been? More succinctly: Why did I wait 15 years to seek you out? Morgan, you’re one of a kind. I love you. I need your continued oil advice, but I truly wonder what changes I would see if I brought my watercolor technique to you for a dusting from your magic brush. Is there a workshop dedicated to watercolor in the foreseeable future? One that starts closer to 9 am? I never knew there was a six in the morning.

Thank you my special person,
Bob Woodring

PS: I apologize for not sticking around to hear student critiques on Saturday. I was worn out.

To Whom It May Concern:
In 2001, an internet search for art instruction led to my purchasing VHS tapes of Morgan Samuel Price. Upon viewing, I was impressed with Morgan’s artistic talent and her teaching ability.

I have attended many art workshops and viewed numerous art instruction tapes/DVDs in the past. Although the artists possess technical talent, they rarely can translate this into true instruction.

In addition to purchasing every one of Morgan’s DVDs and books, I’ve attended two plein air workshops. It was no surprise to me that Morgan is highly effective as a “classroom” instructor. I’m in a unique position to evaluate Morgan’s teaching ability. For the past 27 years, I’ve led corporate training departments for major corporations. In addition, I possess a doctorate in adult learning.

Morgan is a rarity, possessing incredible artistic talent and the ability to effectively transfer her knowledge and skills to others.

Rita Smith
Vice President, Enterprise Learning

Hello Morgan,
I want you to know how much I enjoyed meeting you and experiencing your workshop this week. You are a wonderful teacher, amazing artist and a fun person to be around! I listened hard and learned a lot of great information that I will continue to practice on my weekend painting trips. I also appreciated the abundant energy you brought to your demos each morning, even when you had very little sleep!

Thank you so much for your patience and sharing so much of you with us!

I remain a devoted fan of your beautiful work and look forward with anticipation to see what you will create next.

Bob Holden

To Morgan: From Joan Vienot

A light summary of your workshop in Apalachicola:


Thank you, Morgan!
So much to try to assimilate!